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    Vyshnavie Sainath

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    Dancing up to the peak

    Vyshnavie Sainath, Stok-Kangri Trek, September 26, 2016


Gifted with a natural flair for dance, Vyshnavie, daughter and disciple of the renowned Bharathanatyam artiste Rajeswari Sainath, is blossoming into one of the finest exponents of dance. Her performances are an amalgam of traditional rigour and elegance. She has been under the tutelage of her mother Rajeswari Sainath, who from the tender age of three has groomed her in the nuances of Bharathanatyam. She is also undergoing training in the Laya (Rhythm) aspects of dance directly from Mridangam Maestro Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani.

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  • I have known Vyshnavie for 8 years now and she has inspired me in every way possible. She is patience as a guru, irreplaceable as mentor and phenomenol as an artiste. The minute she enters the stage she owns it,as wonderfully as she could and transforms the stage into her own garden of fluid movements.Her innovative choreography is what attracts me the most. Her body is socked with grace and elegance. Despite the pressure of education i would try as much not to miss class, as it helps me disconnect from the stress and enjoy being in the creative zone. Vyshnavie understands my passion and profession and accomodates me accordingly. This further motivates me to take up both with equal vigour.

    - Koka Hiranmayi(MBBS Student)

  • I've been to the Oz-India cultural show held at Ravindra Bharathi on 21st december 2016, which was indeed a great honour. Prolific dancers Rajeswari Sainath and Vyshnavie who are leading dancers in Bharathanatyam in the country had put up a scintillating and breathtaking show. i enjoyed the two hour programme throughly and was with a feeling of awe most of the times. Be it Kalarinatyam, theme based dance or traditional bharathanatyam they have mastered it. This was my first introduction to classical dance and i was skeptical before i attended the show, if i would connect to it. The mother-daughter duo along with other musicians both Indian and Australians swept me off my feet. On a funny note despite it being a mid week busy working day, i hardly checked my phone. i would like to end the note by saying Congratulations to the team and wish them rocking performances in future.

    - Tarun Reddy(Assistant Commissioner,IRS)

  • Vyshnavie is an amazing dancer. Have watched her perform at several occasions on different themes each having its own significance. She adapts her dance to the audience without losing the traditional touch, thus attracting people from different walks of life. I have been learning Kalari-Yoga from Vyshnavie Natya Centre for a year now, Makes me feel good to be learning something more traditional which is steadily improving my energy levels.

    - Venu Madhav(Manager-GE Healthcare)

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