Gifted with a natural flair for dance,Vyshnavie, daughter and disciple of the renowned Bharathanatyam artiste Rajeswari Sainath, is one of the finest exponents of dance in the younger generation. Vyshnavie has performed across major cities in India and has also given performances in prestigious dance festivals in USA, Canada, London, Germany, Sweden, Australia. She has undergone training in the Laya aspects of dance from Mridangam maestro  Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani. Fully aware that Bharathanatyam cohabits with other dance forms each with its own beauty and style, Vyshnavie…thirsty to widen her horizon has been exploring the intricacies of different dance styles under the renowned gurus

  • Odissi- Guru Durga Charan Ranbir/Bhubaneswar
  • Kalaripayattu- Valabhatta School of Kalari/ Kerala
  • Simhanandini- Guru Voleti Rangamani
  • Contemporary Dance- Martha Graham School/ New York

  Her journey has been a seamless flow from her roots in Bharathanatyam to other expression of dance and in the process, she has transcended the borders that label an artiste- just a dancer. Vyshnavie is an ‘A’ grade artiste from Doordarshan Kendra.

Recipient of various awards such as Youth icon of Andhra Pradesh awarded by leading publications India Today, Women’s award by Zee Telugu channel for outstanding women contributors to society. An Internationally certified yoga trainer, Vyshnavie is now greatly working on spreading awareness on ‘Women Empowerment through their chosen lifestyle. SHE IS THE ARTISTE WHO HAS THE RARE DISTINCTION OF SUMMITTING the India’s highest trekkable peak Stok –Kangri in her first Himalayan Trek.

Currently pursuing her doctorate  in dance, Vyshnavie is a Post Graduate(D) in journalism and Human Resource. She is a Masters degree holder  in Bharathanatyam from Madras University. A diploma  in theatre arts , She has done  courses in Movement Arts and Mixed Media from India’s Premier Institute - Attakalari, Bangalore .She has done an intensive course in contemporary dance from Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, New York.

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