Gifted with a natural flair for dance, Vyshnavie, disciple of the renowned Bharathanatyam artiste Rajeswari Sainath, is one of the finest exponents of dance. Her performances are an amalgam of traditional rigour and elegance.

Her quest for other modes of artistic expression led her to learn and perform:-

  • Odissi - Guru Shri Durga Charan Ranbir - Bhubaneswar
  • Simhanandini- Guru Smt Voleti Rangamani
  • Kalaripayattu-Student of Vallabhatta School of Kalari in Chavakkad –Kerala.
  • Contemporary Dance Forms- Student of Attakalari in Bangalore and Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York.

As a Performer:

Performed solo presentations for prestigious organisations in India such as

Madras Music Academy, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Narada Gana Sabha,Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha, Mylapore Fine Arts, Karthik Fine Arts etc in Chennai,

India Habitat Centre in Delhi and other centres in Orissa, Mumbai etc.

Performed Internationally in venues such as Mummoorthigal festival in Australia, Avarthana festival in London, Re-orient festival in Sweden, Rudgers University in USA and concerts in Germany, Canada etc.

Performed through the medium of classical dance, in the French documentary film by French director Bernard bloch. Also, portrayed the role of goddess padmavathi in the telefilm ‘Amukthamalya’ produced by Tirumala-Tirupath Devasthanam(TTD) channel.

Only artiste from Andhra Pradesh to perform five styles, more so reviving the dying art form of Andhra Pradesh namely Simhanandini, drawing the picture of lion- the vahana of godess durga devi as worshipped in ancient temples(Kuchipudi).

Dance ballets – Lead Performer and Support Choreographer:

  • Krishna Darshan -as Krishna(Hindi)
  • Shakuntala Prema Kavya- as Shakuntala(Sanskrit)
  • Lalitha Sahasranamam-as godess Lalitha(Sanskrit)
  • Panduranga Abhangs-as lord Panduranga(Marati)
  • Swadhesheeyam about Weavers Community(Telugu)
  • Navarasas –solo thematic presentation (Tamil)
  • Women Empowernment, Ahalya, Menaka(English)
  • Prakrithi-Environment Awareness
  • Organ donation-Creating an Awareness
  • Neuro Biology of Dance-Medical Ballet connecting mind and body with regard to neural circuits modulating through dance along with the ex-NIMS director Dr.I. Dinakar.

Vyshnavie always believes in giving back to the society her experience in learning the different styles and is now greatly working on spreading awareness on ‘Women Empowerment through fitness’ and therefore is associated with the leading paper Times Of India as an activity partner in their initiative, ‘Happy Streets’.

She conducts lectures for women about the importance of their role in the society as a strong women through kalaripayyattu combined with yoga as she herself is a yoga practitioner.

As a Teacher:

She runs her own institution Vyshnavie Natya Centre in Banjara/Jubilee hills in Hyderabad wherein, students ranging from age 5-65 undergo training in Bharathanatyam and Kalaripayattu.

She gives training to the senior learners from different professional fronts such as doctors, bureaucrats, corporate executives whose purpose of dance acts as stress buster.

Vyshnavie is a Post Graduate(D) in Human Resource and Diploma Holder in Theatre Arts. Masters in Bharathanatyam from Madras University. She has passed in Distinction in Dance Diploma from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University - Hyderabad. She has done a course in Movement Arts and Mixed Media from India’s Premier Institute - Attakalari, Bangalore. Vyshnavie was the only Indian dancer in the recently concluded intensive camp for classical contemporary dance by Martha Graham School in New York.


Vyshnavie has received a number of awards and appreciations from different organisations.

Best Artiste’by the Leading news paper The Times of India(Chennai)

‘Youth icon of Andhra Pradesh’ awarded by leading publications India Today(Telugu)

Women’s Award by Zee Telugu channel for the most outstanding women contributors to society.

Rukminidevi Arundale Endowment Prize, from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha – Chennai.

Natya Chuddar from Karthik Fine Arts, Chennai.

National Junior Merit Scholarship Awardee from CCRT, New Delhi.

Young Achiever’s Award by the Public Relations Council Of India.

She is an ‘ A ‘ Grade A artiste from the Doordarshan Chennai Kendra.

Empanelled artiste from the ICCR.

Vyshnavie’s journey has been a seamless flow from her roots in Bharathanatyam to other expressions of dance where choreography is her forte, and in the process she has intellectually transcended the borders that label an artiste-just a dancer.

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