Vyshnavie Natya Centre

Fully aware that bharathanatyam cohabits with other dance forms, each with its own beauty and style, Vyshnavie, thirsty to widen her horizon has been exploring the intricacies of Odissi, Kalaripayattu,Simhanandini, Contemporary without ever compromising on the classical values handed down to her.

Her journey has been a seamless flow from her roots in bharathanatyam to other expressions of dance and in the process; she has transcended the borders that label an artiste--just a dancer. Vyshnavie always believes in giving to the society, her experience in learning the different styles and is now greatly working on spreading awareness through fitness.

Gone are the days when the dance was just learnt for the concert platform. Today,dance plays the role of Gym,Stress-buster, a form of meditation and is a great source of personality development. In short, dance serves a holistic purpose.

Adapting to the changing needs in today’s fast paced worlds , Vyshnavie aims to impart the flavours of dance and Kalari to the learners who come to her.

Branch 1.
8-2-326 K8, Road No.3,
Near Banjara Hills Police Station
Banjara Hills- 500 034.

Branch 2.
Plot No.45, Rail Enclave,
Sikh Road, Sikh Village,
Lane beside Balaji Darshan Tiffins
Secunderabad- 500 009.

For more details regarding admissions..040-27892735, 92461 09946.

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